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The grand disaster of Dilwale was to a great extent compensated by the legendary Bajirao and the patriotic Airlift. The latter was indeed a great start to begin with in the year 2016 after the disgraceful disappointment by Wazir. 2015 was though quite appealing with a platter of innovative movies like Piku, Talvar and other small releases as well, however, Airlift seems to have surpassed them all with its complete set of rejuvenating content. With its exclusive visual appeal, serious and matured performances from Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur, and a great patriotic script, it is all set to rule the charts of 2016. For full story refer here.


Akshay Kumar Airlift

The success of Airlift amidst the number of movies that released in 2015 and the early of 2016 can be traced back to a number of reasons.  Get your Airlift full movie download in 3GP format from here. Though 2016 remains lined with big players like Shahrukh Khan Starrer Raees, the Salman Khan Sultan and the Aamir Khan starrer Dangal, however the reign of the Khans seems to be on a decline with Akshay Kumar coming to the forefront. Five reasons for which Airlift can be considered as a superb success affair in the years of 2015 & 2016 are:


The Fresh Story – Airlift movie HD Download

With all the jazz of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Dilwale, Indian audience was expecting a relief from the conventional masala filled entertainers. Though Talvar, Piku and Bajirao did their job by bringing a well expected change in the scenario, but Airlift grabs the crown with its unique script. The story though cannot be defined as an example of a totally fresh script as it entails the presence of the evacuation of Kuwait based Indians during the 1990s when Kuwait was hit by the attacks of Iraq, however the presentation is gripping and quite fresh.


An Untold Story Promoted – Airlift full HD movie download

History is always alluring, be it national and international and Airlift has proved it successfully. Forwarding one of the bravest achievements of the Kuwait based businessman, Ranjit Katyal, Airlift exhibits the presence of unsung heroes who make a mark on the Indian audience.


Matchless Cinematography – Airlift  Hindi movie

Hats off to the director for creating the movie with aptly suited cinematic shots. The turbulence created with the sudden break of war and the traumatic conditions of the Indians in the war struck Kuwait are brought out with the touch of a perfectionist. It seems Airlift was definitely an outcome of a well conducted research.


Akshay’s sincere acting – Download Airlift in HD Mp4

Akshay Kumar with his maturing age has also bagged equally maturing acting skills that gets pronounced in Airlift most strongly. He is indeed a great choice by the director for the role.


Strong Patriotic Tones

Airlift manages to touch you with the national fervour that brings goose bumps. Almost towards the conclusion, the hoisting of the Indian flag is a great tool to ignite the patriotic feelings hidden in every Indian.

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