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St. Andrew Theological University is designed to provide you instruction that will enhance your work within the ministry. We design unique programs to fit every students needs, so below please see some examples of our courses.



                          Theological Certificate and Degree Programs

The SATU University and School of Religion is organized into two divisions:

¨ I  Division of Professional Ministry Studies (Undergraduate)

¨ II Division of Graduate Studies


Undergraduate Degrees

The Bachelor Degree with majors in Bible, Bible Evangelism, Bible Teaching, Camp Ministries, Christian Missions, Pastoral Studies, Women Ministries and Youth Ministries

The Bachelor Degree in Practical Christian Training

The Bachelor Degree with majors in Missionary

Certificate and Graduate Degrees

The Certificate in Biblical Studies

The Certificate of Medical Missions

The Master Degree with majors in Bible, Bible Translation, Church History, Church Ministries

Pastoral Studies, Teaching Bible, Theology and Youth Ministers

The Master of Divinity Degree

The Master of Ministry Degree

The Specialist in Ministry Degree

The Doctor of Ministry Degree

The Doctor of Pastoral Theology Degree

The Doctor of Philosophy Degree with majors in Church History, New Testament Interpretation, Old Testament Interpretation, and Theology

                                        Preparation for Accelerated Degree Programs

¨ PTDE—Professional Development Educational Program (Credential Program)

¨ Business Administration, etc

                                                    Preparation for:




¨ Writing Skills Test (WST)