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St. Andrews Theological University offers its students the opportunity to become certified in various areas of ministry. We encourage students interested in a vocation related to their spiritual growth to connect with us immediately to discuss our degree programs.

                                         Institutional Goals

As a Christian educational institution,

The St. Andrew Theological and Academic University (SATU) seeks by God’s enabling:

1. To inspire regenerated students to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ.

2. To strengthen student’s belief in the truths of God’s Word.

3. To develop in students Christ like character through disciplined, Spirit-filled living.

4. To direct students toward a biblical life view that integrated God’s truth into practical Christian living.

5. To prepare students to excel intellectually and vocationally by offering diverse academic programs   rooted in biblical truth and centered on a liberal arts core.

6. To provide understanding in the content, interpretation, and application of the Word of God, including vital hermeneutical principles, translation and exegetical analysis, preaching practicum, in-depth biblical philosophy of Christian ministry, and detailed instruction in applied ministry skills.

7. To develop in students the cultural breadth and social skills that enhance their lives and also equip them to  communicate biblical truth effectively.

8. To instill in students a compelling concern for reaching the unconverted with the saving truth of the Gospel of Christ.

9. To support local churches and conservative Christianity by providing eternity-motivated, highly educated, and highly disciplined laymen and women.

10. To develop educational materials and services that  extend these objectives beyond the University campus.

We hope you will visit St. Andrew on the corner of West and 27th Streets in West Oakland and speak with the Adminstrative Office about your options in pursuing a theological education here. We invite people from all backgrounds to become a part of our University and advance your own goals. You can speak with our staff 7 days per week to set up an appointment.