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Our church was founded by Pastor Dr. Robert Lacy, D.Div., in February 1975.  Her first location (a childcare center), was Harmon Street in Berkeley,CA.  Her second move was to 40th Avenue and Foothill Boulevard, Oakland, CA, for only one year.  Then the Lord moved Dr. Lacy, to inquire about our present location.  Easter Sunday in April 1978, our current location was opened for services at 2624 West Street, Oakland, CA.

Dr. Lacy had a vision to start a Private K-12th School, and the school opened her doors in September 1978, advancing one grade level each year, until she reached her peak.

St. Andrew Private School Parent Corporation Prayer Clinic has graduated thousands of highly skilled individuals and community leaders.  From a professional baseball player to a top executive, and minister.

October 2003 St. Andrew Theological and Academic University opened her doors for the first time offering courses in areas of spiritual learning ranging from Basic Theology to Church Administration, from Teacher Education to Business Administration.  Our university has been adding new courses every year to the course of study.

For thirty  two years, St. Andrew Private School, Theological & Academic University has existed as a vital community of Christian students and those who serve them.

Throughout those years, over 5,000 young people have benefited from the teaching and example of what we believe to be the most wonderful faculty and staff everywhere.

 St. Andrew Private School Theological and Academic University is well known for its strong spiritual training and solid academic programs.  Our graduates serve the Lord across all vocations.

The purpose of  the St. Andrew Private School Theological and Academic University’s founder, Dr. Robert Lacy, is “to make this university a center of the highest academic standards and Christian culture, to which carefully chosen young people will come from all parts of the world and receive their training,  and from which these trained Christian leaders will go forth to render service to our Lord in all corners of the globe.”  It is our belief that today’s Christian young person has no better opportunity to learn how to make a living and—more importantly—to learn how to live, than in this special place which God has prepared and maintained.

 The university gives special emphasis to the Bible, church administration missions, evangelism, pastoral training, theology, history, education, languages (both ancient and modern), fine arts, music, speech, drama, and literature.  Every student in the university is required to take a course in the Division of
Bible each semester.

 We place emphasis on public speaking, for we believe that a man or woman is not properly educated until he or she can stand on any platform and clearly and cogently address an audience.

St. Andrew Private School Theological & Academic University has a the Spirit of God, combining an atmosphere of culture without cold formality, of youthful enthusiasm without rowdiness, and of scholarship without mustiness.  Every teacher in the university and private school signs our Ethics Code each year.  We proved in this institution that it is possible in the present day to be thorough in scholastic work and still hold to the faith of our Father.

Every class opens with a prayer and our social gatherings blend easily and naturally into times of prayer and challenges from the Bible.  We believe in a social life that is above reproach.  In all our work and play, in personal life and social relations, we seek to be loyal to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Above all, we trust the Bible as the inspired Word of God, the Lord Jesus Christ as the only hope of the world, and His gospel as the solution to the problems of our day.